Times & Prices
Call for 970-586-8687 for Reservations to secure the prices that are listed below.
Tours are listed all the way down the page. Please scroll down to see all of the available tours. From March 1st-May 25th the upper portion of Trail Ridge Rd and all of Old Fall River Rd are seasonally closed. During March and April we offer a tour at 1:00PM that is   the same tour as our"Sunset Tour".  Starting in May we will run tours at normal times. Reserve as early as possible. Many tour times sell out weeks or months in advance.

Top of the World Tour:Old Fall River Road (off road) &Trail Ridge Road Tour (Seasonally Open)
Morning 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM (3 1/2 hrs)  Afternoon1:00 - 4:30 PM (3 1/2 hrs)
Cash Price Discount - $49.99 Adults & $29.99 Kids 4-12.  Credit Card Price - $54.99 Adults & $34.99 kids. Suggested age 3 and older

Our Top of the World Tour takes you up Old Fall River Road (off road) where you will see multiple waterfalls and go through three unique ecosystems to the nearly 12,000 foot Alpine Center. We stop many times for photo opportunities including the stop and views at the top. We then return on the Historic Trail Ridge Road (the highest highway in America) for the most breathtaking and requested tour of Rocky Mountain National Park.  Snacks, gourmet coffee, hot cocoa and bottled water are provided. Your guide makes the area come alive with a broad knowledge of local history and lore. From  floods to glaciers to grizzly bears.  Half of the trip is a gentle off road tour through an alpine forest!

Sunset Tour- Rocky Mountain National Park, Horseshoe Park, Moraine Park and Many Parks Curve (Currently our Springtime Tour at 1:00 PM)
5:00 PM - 7:30 (ish)  This time can fluctuate based on animal sightings. It can be up to an hour longer.
Cash Price Discount - $49.99 Adults & $29.99 Kids 4-12.  Under 3 are free on this tour only. Credit Card Price - $54.99 Adults & $34.99 kids.
This beautiful tour is focused on Horseshoe Park, The Lawn Lake flood, and Moraine Park in RMNP.  You will see a cascade waterfall and spectacular mountain views from the high altitude area of Many Parks Curve.  Learn about the history of the area and a little known energy vortex, Indian vision quests and hopefully see some amazing wildlife on this tour!  Elk, deer and birds are often sighted.
Every Sunset Tour and GHOST TOUR includes margaritas, beer or wine . Cold, non alcoholic drink options such as lemonade or water are also available. We are family friendly and kid friendly and have kids ourselves. We want everyone to have fun choices. Cheers!  Tour price includes drinks at no extra charge.

GHOST TOUR "The Rocky Mountain Legend"
Where are the best ghost stories told? In the mountains by a campfire of course! Our location in the park is tucked  away in a creepy, narrow, dark valley with tall creaking trees and a river nearby. A shortened Sunset Tour with ghost stories, campfire, hot dogs,smores and the choice of alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks are there to set the mood!
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM  $69.99 adult  $49.99 kids 7-12 Credit Card is $5 more. This time can fluctuate based on when it gets dark .Enjoy tales and lore from spellbinding story teller Lynn Alexander. You will be on the edge of your seat! If you bring kids (7 and above) make sure they like scary stories. Lynn, with his white beard reflecting the light from the fire will crank up or turn down the fear factor  based on his audience.
ROCKY MOUNTAIN ROLLER COASTER Hummer and Land Cruiser Adventures  69.99 adult/children 59.99 Must be 4 or older- Wilder,Faster, off-road excitement. Personalized and we cover more ground. Incredible views and thrills. No pass needed on this tour.
PANORAMIC PEAK DINNER SHOW 6X6 military M35 takes you to one of the only 360 degree viewing points accessible via an off-road trail. Tour, Top Rated BBQ and Music. 59.99 /39.99 kids 3 and up. No Pass Needed on this tour
You will need a park pass to enter the park. The cost is $20 and covers your car load. 15 and under don't require a pass. You may purchase your park pass at our office,the visitor center, the ranger station or bring your own. Annual passes and Lifetime passes work also. If one of you are 62 years young a Lifetime pass can be purchased while you are on the tour. All it takes is $10 and an ID. By purchasing your own pass you save a lot of money for your group and get unlimited entry in the park for a week or maybe even a lifetime instsead of just once into the park on a commercial vehicle .