Frequently Asked Questions & What to Know Before a Tour

What is provided on the tour? 
We provide water, snacks, blankets, extra coats if needed, we have sunscreen available as well.  

What should I bring along?  Sun Glasses, Jacket, Camera, Memory Cards, Batteries, Comfortable Shoes, Sunscreen, Hat. (Park Pass is included; if you have your own park pass please bring it with you to save time at the National Park gate, if you are taking a park tour,  and inquire about the discount you can receive if you already have a pass)

The Waiver is required to sign at check-in.  If you would like a copy before arriving feel free to contact us and we can send you one.

Cancellation Policy:  
As a courtesy to other quests and our staff, please inform us 24 hours prior to your appointment if you must cancel or reschedule. Guest canceling with less than 24 hours notice will be charged 50% of the tour price per guest that cancels. Guest who fail to attend with no written or verbal contact for tours they have signed up for will be charged the full value of the scheduled tour price for each person that does not attend. 
For Large groups that have 6 or more people in the group please inform us 72 hours prior to your tour departure time if you must cancel or reschedule or if anyone in your group cannot attend. Guest canceling with less than 72 hours notice will be charged 50% of the tour price per guest that cancels. Within 24 hours of the tour departure for large groups only, we must receive the final count for the group and any cancellations within 24 hours will be charged the full amount. Guests who fail to attend with no written or verbal contact for tours they have signed up for will be charged the full value of the scheduled tour price for each person that does not attend.  

Should I tip my Tour Guide?  If you feel that your guide has made a truly memorable event for you and your family then a tip is a wonderful way to say thank you.  The tips are truly appreciated and allow them to do the work they love so much. How much should I tip? Ultimately that is up to you, most people use restaurant standards as a benchmark.

What sets us apart from all the others? 

Emergencies- We are the only company that has invested heavily in state-of-the-art communication equipment that can stay in touch with the base office for any and all situations. Whether that is a traffic, weather or an emergency issue. We can stay connected to emergency personnel where others can't and moments count. Cell phones don't always work well here in the mountains.

References- We have earned a great reputation. Please ask around and go to Trip Advisor to get a feel for what people are saying about us. We have been voted the #1 tour company in Estes Park and voted the #1 thing to do in Estes Park as well.

Safety- We have your safety as our highest priority and we have a fantastic safety record.  Each tour truck has forward facing seats for safety all with individual seat belts.  Each tour truck is equipped with a roll cage, first aid kit, and oxygen for those who may need it.

Built from the ground up- Rocky Mountain Rush Tours is a privately held family owned tour company that was designed exclusively for Estes Park from a passion for sharing the great outdoors in a tour format with custom designs in each of the tour trucks. You won't find tour trucks like ours anywhere else in the world because each truck is designed with a trail specific purpose and terrain in mind.

Park Passes for Rocky Mountain National Park Tours 
(Top of the World, Sunset and Waterfall Experience ) 
Starting May 1st 2013 we will buy your pass for you and you keep it!
A vehicle pass needs to be purchased for tours going into the National Park.  The cost is $20 for your group ( up to 7 people) that we purchase for you at the ranger station. If 62 or over, we can purchase a lifetime pass for you for $10 at the ranger station. If you have your own lifetime pass or purchase your own pass prior to the tour we give you $10 off per park pass needed for your group.  The park pass lasts for 7 days for unlimited entry into the National Park.
What to expect from your guides-We have the most experienced and well versed guides in Estes Park. We have driven so many Park miles and off-road miles that we have memorized these roads with constant use.  Our guides have given hundreds if not thousands of tours. We emphasize continual education, cross training and all of the guides are company certified before they give tours. All guides are CPR trained and have been trained to handle numerous unlikely scenarios if one arises. You are not part of their learning/training experience. Our guides  are humble, willing to serve and attend to your needs. We work to combine serving our guests, educating with facts and bringing a touch of comedy for good measure.

Comfort- Next is your comfort. We are the only company that offers open air tours with all of the seats facing forward.  All seats are tour seats designed for comfort, not sideways or rear-facing bench seats that you will find elsewhere in town.

Photography and ViewsAmazing views come from a convertible top that opens all the way to the center of the vehicle to see such things as the jagged mountain spires on Old fall River Road (Old Fall River Road will be closed until 2016 due to the flood damage) or rushing waterfalls from snow melt. Old Fall River Road is a steep narrow canyon. If you aren't in a convertible up Old Fall River Road you have missed about 60%of the views and photos.  The Trail Ridge Road highway is also surrounded by spires and waterfalls and spectacular views that our tops will help be able to see and enjoy to the fullest.

Attending to your needs You are why we are here. If you are thirsty or hungry we offer little snacks and bottled water. If you are chilled we can offer a blanket or an extra jacket if you have forgotten yours. We will listen to you to make sure you are comfortable and happy.

What about rain? We run rain or shine.  The only time we cancel a tour is for Hail, Ice, or for Park Tours thick Fog. The Park Tour Trucks have zip down windows for inclement weather. We also carry extra blankets and jackets. For our off-road trucks most of our vehicles are full open top trucks.  If we have inclement weather we have full body suites called Frog Togs we give you that are wind and waterproof for your comfort.    

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